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more than words

More Than Words – Clevedon’s Literary Festival of poetry, prose, performance, art, music and fun

2023 Festival dates for your diary:
Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June

Sleeping with the Moon

In 2021 storyteller Michael Loader slept out with the 12 full moons to inspire new encounters, enquiry and writing.

His monthly residency on Clevedon Pier continues on Thursday 8 December 7pm – 9pm with a reading of his new story ‘The Moon is Cold’ .

‘The harsh rule of Sun has blistered the land and burnt many lives. Packs of wild dogs hunt without mercy through the long claws of the night. Many have been forced to flee and now it is time for us to make our escape along the waterways, searching for safety, longing for a new place to call home. 

As the longest night and darkest hour draw near Beaver sets off on a threatening voyage and finds himself in a land governed by the primitive mind of the Cold Moon. 

A tale of terror and disorientation, a tale of belief, instinct and recognition’ …

Thursday 8 December 7-9pm  £10  Participants limited to 16

Please contact Clevedon Pier at or call 01275 878846 for payments.

Michael Loader can be contacted at for all workshop content enquiries.

Drinks on sale from the bar – views of the moon from the telescope

Highlights from 2022 Festival

It was just a really nice day! Relaxed, lovely wandering around and happening across things and seeing lots of people

It was fabulous to see the Bandstand come to life!

Such a special event! Thank you

I really enjoyed the talks, they were really inspiring and made me want to pick up a pen and paper myself.